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Who’s Right for the Program
Still Waters is geared for motivated women who have had primary treatment but cannot stay sober

Admissions to Still Waters for Women

Potential residents are interviewed by staff to determine their appropriateness for Still Waters for Women. All information remains confidential. It is required that all residents of the Still Waters for Women program must give permission for Still Waters staff to contact appropriate individuals for emergency contact, family contact, and any other individuals the resident may need us to contact. Applicants not qualified for Still Waters services are provided with a list of alternatives and assisted with program placement.

Who’s Right for Still Waters Program
• 18 years of age or older
• Willing to follow ALL program rules
• Motivated for recovery from alcohol or drug dependence
• Currently alcohol and drug free and not in need of medical detoxification
• Medically and psychologically stable


Still Waters is geared for motivated individuals who need a very 12-Step intensive program instead of a traditional treatment model.  We are committed to help those who are motivated for change to make the needed adjustments and commitments to realize a daily life free from alcohol and drugs and based on the spiritual principles of 12-step recovery.


If this sounds like you or a loved one then please contact us for more information on admissions and our approach to recovery.