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Cost and Payment Options
Our goal was to create an extremely effective recovery program at a price people can afford

Still Waters Cost and Payment Options

Cost and Payment Options

Still Waters can serve as an alternative to, or can follow, primary or extended care programs, based on assessment. Still Waters is also particularly useful for persons who have had multiple treatment experiences. Residents live in group fellowship with counseling staff, allowing friendships to develop into a true, supportive community.

Still Waters Women Self-Pay Rates

Still Waters 12-step immersion program can be used as an alternative to, or follow, primary treatment at Cumberland Height to heighten an individual’s recovery from 30 days up to 6 months. All Still Waters programs are on a self-pay basis as our unique approach to recovery is outside the insurance criteria for an inpatient level of care, and we are not contracted with any insurance providers for this service.


With our tier pricing and with the help of our financial advisers recovery is now in reach to the women who need it:

  • First thirty days: $9,000.00 ($300.00 per day)
  • Second thirty days: $8,250.00 ($275.00 per day)
  • Third thirty days beyond: $7,950.00 ($265.00 per day)


We offer special discounts for residents opting for a full 90 day stay at Still Waters – typically $25,200.00 – with our pay in full discount.

  • Entire ninety days: $23,700.00

$9000 for FIRST 30 DAYS
$8250 for SECOND 30 DAYS
$7950 for THIRD 30 DAYS


30, 60 or 90 Days…Which One is Right? Still Waters Cost Efficiency Approach

30, 60 or 90 Days...Which One is Right? Still Waters Cost Efficiency ApproachIn today’s world the cost of treatment can be astronomically high. For a quality program a person can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 for a 28-30 day stay. One of the goals in the development of Still Waters was to create a very successful and extremely effective program at a price people might actually be able to afford. We think we have done just that.

That’s less than the cost of 28 days in a traditional treatment program and if the turnouts at our Annual Alumni Picnic Day is indicative of our results then approximately 50% of our graduates are staying clean and sober. Please contact us for more information on admissions and our approach to recovery.

Please contact William Bell, Outreach Coordinator for future questions or to schedule an assessment at 615-426-8492.