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About Still Waters for Women
A place where women who are serious about getting sober can learn to live happy, joyous, and free

About Our Still Waters Women Program

Still Waters Vision is to immerse a resident in the 12 Steps. Empowering and equipping a resident with the ability to maintain long term sobriety through practical application of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and spiritual principled living.

About Our Still Waters Women ProgramStill Waters is located in Pegram, Tennessee and opened in July 2015. Our model came after years of success with the Men’s Program. We offer a 30 to 90 day, 12 Step work based program as an intensive 12 Step immersion retreat for women ages 18 and up. Our Transitions program was opened early 2017. It offers an additional 90 days of structured living and recovery work to maintain long term sobriety. We offer a 6 month to a year Recovery Coaching Program to individuals upon commencement from any of our programs. At Still Waters, principles of the 12 Steps of recovery are taught using approved literature, fellowship, group discussions and 12 Step meetings.

We believe that it is through abstinence from alcohol and mood-altering chemicals, active participation in AA/NA, implementation of the 12 Steps in day to day living, sponsorship and service that one develops the tools necessary to maintain long-term contented sobriety. We encourage our residents to participate in this mutual-help, educated environment and peer driven community. Still Waters is committed to provide its guests with a safe, respectful environment in which to begin a quality life of sobriety. Although our program is self-directed in nature, the average length of stay is 60 days.

We Think You’ll Find Still Waters for Women to be a place where motivated women can go who have had primary treatment but cannot stay soberWhile at Still Waters, residents learn about the disease of addiction, recovery and relapse. Still Waters emphasizes spiritual principles associated with each of the 12 Steps. Residents will complete and present step work in a Community setting. Residents will also build their own library of recovery literature based on assigned readings and study involving AA text, NA basic text, and the 12 Steps and Twelve Traditions.

Cumberland Heights’ Spiritual Services are provided through Chapel or Mindfulness Meditation for residents. This additional emphasis on spiritual principles separates the Still Waters program from others.

We Think You’ll Find Still Waters for Women to be:

  • A place where motivated women can go who cannot remain sober.
  • A place where an individual needs a very 12-Step intensive program instead of a traditional treatment model.
  • A program for those women in the past which have fallen through the cracks. Who really want and need a minimum of 30-90 days of intensive 12-step work but cannot afford traditional treatment programs.
  • A place where women who are currently working a twelve step program can go to work very intensively on their recovery.
  • A place where motivated women, that are struggling in recovery, can go to help prevent a relapse.
  • A place for women to expand their spiritual awareness of recovery principles.
  • A place that is not just a “12-step based” program but instead a “12-step living” program.
  • A place where women who are serious about getting clean and sober can learn how to live happy, joyous, and free.

If this sounds good to you or a loved one please contact us for more information on admissions and our approach to recovery.